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Surprise.. Surprise..

No job. Bad grades. Problems with family. Confused feelings. Just What the FUCK. 

No job: I can’t pay for things that I would want to do, or let alone pay for food to put on my table when I just don’t have the time to cook for myself. I just need a job but it’s a dog eat dog world out there trying to get a job. A simple part-time job would suffice but even those are hard to come by. 

Bad grades: I was actually doing well the beginning of the semester, but now everything is just getting hard again. Started off with straight B’s now I’m barely hanging on to C’s. How pathetic is that. Maybe I should just drop out.

Problems with family: money is getting even tighter with family but all they want to do is spend spend spend. I admit I do that too, but damn 3 big trips within the year? That’s really pricey.

Confused feelings: We had a really good run for awhile then suddenly we probably took a wrong turn somewhere again and we’re back to being angry at each other no stupid reasons. I’m just an overly sensitive guy and have no clue of what I want to do with life. It’s interesting how just when I thought things were getting brighter for me, a huge cloud decided to rain on my parade; its pouring. Hard. 

Just, What The FUCK! 

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